Saturday, 15 December 2012

My First Attempt at Crochet!

Thanks to Crafty Creatives box number 4, I have taken up Crocheting!  But it was not without trepidation and almost giving up!

Their kit came with a ball of wool, a crochet needle, stuffing and instructions which made no sense!  By the power of youtube and blogging however, I managed to translate the gobble and three days later found myself following it line by line to come up with my finished product!

To begin with, I had to practice and this took several attempts -

In order, the first attempt was a little scraggly to say the least but it was my first chain and I was determined not to give up on the first attempt!  My second string was a chain into a single crochet making a double row and I was proud of myself for learning this!
Not quite sure what happened with number 3 as there seems to be a round chain in the middle and I think I got a little confused as to where I was linking up!
But by my fourth attempt I had it nailed and a much better outcome, I completed two rows of single crochet and it looked so much better!
So, after this result I thought it was about time I began creating my crochet mouse using the instructions from my kit and with help from the Crafty Creatives blog.

The first line of instructions still made no sense to me as it was different to what I had taught myself.  Instead of creating a chain, I had to make a round circle with my stitches and I had no idea what to do!  But after experimenting I finally got there and was on my way to creating this above, which appears to be the mouse's bottom and tail!
At this point I got very excited as I could finally see I was making something out of my ball of wool!

So, the more rows I made, the more my mouse was taking shape and eventually I got to a point where I could start stuffing the inside to make the body stay full.  This was even more fun than the crochet part!

The finished article!
Well, just the body complete anyway!
But I just had to show it off before I finished the whole thing because I cannot believe I have successfully crocheted!  I almost gave up when my brain would not connect with the stick, my hand and instructions but I got there eventually!
I will finish the mouse any day now, just have to do the ears, nose and tail and then I will put pictures on here to show you all that it can be done even if you think it can't!

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